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The Zodiac Killer psychological profile

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External appearance (circa 1969)

age: 34-45 years
Height: 5'9''-6'0''
Weight: 175-195 lbs

appearance: white male, medium height, stocky builded, with dark brown hair (which in the light of day may fall into reddish brown)

Psychological profile

- A loner, without any closer family (no wife and children)
- No siblings / not maintaining close contact with them
- Perhaps stemming from a dysfunctional family (may've been raised by his mother)
- An individual with some above-average degree of intelligence
- Showing all the characteristics of antisocial personality disorder
- Feeling bad among the people, but capable of hiding it
- An individual not capable to maintain healthy relationship because of the lack of respective patterns from childhood
- Probably have never been in a partner. relationship
- Individual that was probably not enjoying much popularity within his youth
- Probably affected by anhedonia (partial loss of ability to feel pleasure)
- Individual feeling the strong prejudice against females (misogyny)
- Performing an unsatisfactory job
- Looking for strong impressions (anhedonia)
- Feels an aversion to the law enforcement agencies (mostly to the police), which probable cause may be his earlier trouble with the law and/or unfulfilled dream of being a police officer (perhaps he made an application but has not been commissioned)
- Probably having a military background
- An individual with a high degree of so-called social intelligence
- Showing awareness of proper behavior to manipulate (exerting influence on other people)
- One that could have consciously imaginated an alter ego in order to dump the blame on it (not guilt)
- Not having a sense of guilt or remorse (antisocial personality disorder)
- With strong self-esteem, feels superiority over other people, produced from the sense of being underestimated
- Feeling a strong desire to make "something big" in his own opinion
- Probably inspired by the case of Jack the Ripper, and wanted to do a "similar thing" and this way enroll in the history of true crime
- Egocentric personality (selfish - which also comes directly from his antisocial personality disorder)
- Showing a very arbitrary relationship to the surrounding reality
- Exhibiting classical attitude to his victims (animals, empty or imaginary beings)
- Thoughtful, not much defiant towards his victims (no interaction, using intimidation to control them)
- Capable of making a cool calculation, impulsive only when he can afford it (no self-confidence in stressful situations)
- Not acting under the influence of the moment, but after he planned his modus operandi (APD - calculative type)
- Preferring the attack by surprise (giving him an additional advantage over the victim/s)
- System of the victims selection: mixed or completely random
- The victim completely unknown to him or known only "by sight" (which also may have been, for example, because he lived nearby the crime site/s)
- Individual somewhat influenced by mass culture (and therefore to some extent interested in theater, film, music, books etc.)

Psychological profile drawn on the basis of my own observations and thoughts related to the Zodiac crimes, as well as his communications with the media and law enforcement.

Feel free to comment & post your own thoughts.

Keywords: Zodiac Killer, psychological profile, criminology
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  • Zbrodnia nie może być doskonalsza od człowieka, który ją popełnił.