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Za uzytkownikiem o nazwie loom (z forum zodiackiller.net):

"Kenneth Jackson Lynch was a Ramona High speech and debate teacher who got suspended in 1965 for petting and kissing 15 year old girls to establish a "camaraderie." He went up to Sacramento in 1969 (and maybe earlier?) and began teaching for Sacramento City College. He was apparently a pretty successful debate coach.

June 16, 1932 - Born in Elsinore, CA
1950 - Graduated with honors from Elsinore HS
1951 - Enlisted in the army serving in Korea. Earned a Combat Infantryman's Badge, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart
1951-1957 - Earned Bachelor's degree for UC & Master's degree at Whittier College
???? - Taught briefly at Elisnore Military Acamedy
1959 or 1960 - Became a U.S. History & World cultures teacher at Ramona HS
1962 - Became a speech teacher
Feb 2, 1965 - Suspended from Ramona HS for kissing and petting five 15- year-old girls
1969 - 1993 - Speech teacher & debate coach at Sacramento City College.
Served as President of Phi Rho Pi
1994 - His sports team, 'Lynch Mob,' won the American Softball Association's National Championship
???? - For several years, he was the Grievance Chairperson at Los Rios College Federation of Teachers
???? - Attended College Softball World series in Oklahoma City for each year for the past 10 years
October 20, 2013 - Passed away in Sacramento at Kaiser Hospital

3603 Jefferson St, Riverside, CA (1964)
3 min drive from Cheri's home and 10 min drive to RCC

638 Commons Dr, Sacramento, CA
1391 40th Ave, Sacramento, CA
7463 Sylvia Way, Sacramento, CA 95822

- His niece, Terry Marshall, lives in Washington, Utah.
- Lived alone near the end of his life (Was he ever married?)
- In retirement he played golf, visited friends, and made trips to Reno & Las Vegas
- Was a "terrible housekeeper"
- Something interesting is Herb Caen had graduated from SCC before he taught there"
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Pomimo tych informacji o 15-latkach, do Zodiaka zupełnie nie pasuje mi ktoś z tak wysokim wykształceniem, będący nauczycielem licealnym i akademickim. No chyba, że założymy, że wszystkie błędy w pisowni w listach Z były celowym zabiegiem.