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Leigh Allen i przyjaciele (wiewiorki w Santa Rosa)

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"Arthur Leigh Allen, of Vallejo, owned a mobile home at Sunset Trailer Park in Santa Rosa at the time of the murders. He had been fired from his Valley Springs Elementary School teaching position for suspected child molestation in 1968 and was a full-time student at Sonoma State University. Allen was arrested on September 27, 1974, by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Office and charged with child molestation in an unrelated case involving a young boy. He pleaded guilty on March 14, 1975, and was imprisoned at Atascadero State Hospital until late 1977.

Robert Graysmith, in his book Zodiac Unmasked, claims that a Sonoma County sheriff revealed that chipmunk hairs were found on all of the Santa Rosa Hitchhiker victims and that Allen had been collecting and studying the same species. Allen was the main suspect in the Zodiac case from 1971 until October 2002, ten years after his death, when his DNA was compared to a partial DNA profile obtained from saliva recovered on the underside of a postage stamp and envelopes from verified Zodiac letters. Results were a conclusive non-match. Fingerprints in blood recovered from the taxicab of Zodiac murder victim Paul Stine, a writer's palm print found on the Zodiac letter of January 29, 1974, and handwriting exemplars failed to identify Allen as Zodiac."


"I was his best friend," Rinehart said. "I can tell you for a fact that he couldn't kill a chipmunk, let alone a person."
An eccentric, Allen actually kept wild chipmunks as pets, Rinehart said. The new movie plays up that detail.
Allen had a large chipmunk named Big Mamu that he took with him to the grocery store, Rinehart said.
"He was a sweetheart with animals. I've never seen animals take to a person like they took to Leigh."
He told about a time at the home of Allen's mother in Vallejo when a pigeon tapped on the kitchen window. Allen opened the window, placed a peanut in his mouth, and the pigeon plucked it from his lips.
Rinehart was three years younger than Allen. The pair competed together on the Vallejo High School and Vallejo Junior College diving teams. Rinehart calls Allen his "diving mentor."
Both enjoyed the outdoors and camping and hiking around the area.
"We'd go to Blue Rock Springs and hike a lot, bring a snake home or something," Rinehart said.
Blue Rock Springs was where the Zodiac shot 22-year-old Darlene Ferrin to death on July 4, 1969.
The pair both left Vallejo after junior college but kept in touch. Allen went to dive for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, while Rinehart attended Cal State Los Angeles as a member of the football and diving teams.
"I was never not in contact with him for a long period of time," Rinehart said.
In 1957, Allen enlisted in the Navy and Rinehart joined the Marines.
Allen scored a 135 on his IQ test, five points below genius, and Rinehart's score was 126.
The two friends rarely spoke about the Zodiac killings, three of which occurred in Vallejo.
"We must have talked about it, but I don't remember," Rinehart said.
After the killings in 1968 and 1969, Rinehart said, he believes Allen became a suspect while living alone with his chipmunks in a Santa Rosa mobile home."

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